Austin Kombucha

About Us

We are a responsible company that promotes conscious eating, and we are a proudly Mexican brand.

Animal cruelty free, environmentally friendly and good for your health.


All this began with David's little son, Nico, who, due to being lactose intolerant, could not ingest the properties of milk and then began to have respiratory diseases such as asthma.

This caused David to be desperate to give his son the best. As any parent would do, he would not stop until he found something that could naturally substitute the properties of milk with a pleasant taste for a 2-year-old child.

After researching and asking in the vegan community, David found Kombucha, however, he was aware that the taste was not so friendly, much less for a child Nico's age.

That's when David's secret comes out. And what is now Austin Kombucha, a refreshing drink with a pleasant taste and completely natural.

Austin Kombucha, Who are we?